Pricing that Pays!

Pricing that Pays will take 3 easy steps to teach you in ONE day how to ensure you are making money from your products or services

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Want to know what to charge for your products or services?

Would you like to:

  • Make a profit not a loss just by selling?
  • Know what to include in your prices?
  • Understand who you are selling to?
  • Identify your worth?

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Course includes downloads and worksheets to assist you on your journey to Pricing that Pays!.

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Course is run by a Qualified Accountant & Teacher, who will guide you through 3 simple steps!


Questions to consider

Do you actually know how much you should charge, or how much you will actually make if 5, 100 or 500
people buy from you?

How much do you need to spend before you can sell?

Or how hard you need to work to even make a profit?

Pricing that Pays!

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Jackie Stewart

I am a Financial business consultant, that loves to help business owners run a profitable business.

I am passionate about communities having the right tools to help them to earn from their businesses by knowing and understanding the numbers in their business so they can make clear informed decisions for the life they want to live. I have run my own profitable business for many years with a background as a Qualified Accountant and Teacher, that has worked with many small start up business owners helping them to better manage their finances.

Pricing that Pays!

'Pricing that Pays' is a simple course that will help
you answer those questions,
in 1 day,
with downloads
and worksheets.
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